Hi I edited this page a bit on the 13th June 2017, it doesn’t matter what I’ve edited, 2day2gether has no limitations whatever you have experience of and if you want to help people I will do everything possible to include you as part of 2day2gether

I got soba in 2003, had a mental breakdown in June 2013, started my blog October 2013, published a book in 2014 (got some good ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews, not really a financial success although I received £2.22 in royalties this week) started a support group for men in 2014, won a Dudley CVS award in 2015, helped setup another group with the NHS and various 3rd party organisations in 2016, runner up West Midlands Police Crime Commissioners awards 2016. Been in the papers, on TV and radio. I’ve networked with a good number of people in high places including MP’s, NHS, Police, Councillors, commissioners, international companies. Spoke to people all over the world about mental illness & addiction, had many messages describing me as “inspirational”, had a few messages telling me I’ve kept people alive. Indirectly saved thousands of pounds for local services by stopping people being admitted to care or hospital. I’ve lost concentration now, there’s loads of other things I’m proud of. This week I’ve experienced “the exboozehound effect” a couple of times, this is when I’m at meetings and introduce myself as Jon Mansell always to a blank face, but when I say exboozehound I get “I know you I read yr blogs, watch yr vlogs, follow you on Twitter”. Got annoyed when people spell exboozehound incorrectly, I’m not Exboozehound or Ex boozehounds it’s exboozehound it has to be cus that’s how it’s tattooed on my chest. This is all getting a bit “look at me aren’t I brilliant” but that’s not what it’s about, the reason I’m posting all this and have a new page “2day2gether” is all about letting people know that if I can do all this then you can too and if you’ve ever thought about stepping forward then do it. Yes all this stuff has sometimes made me unwell but it has also given me a purpose and probably kept me alive.

Using the network and contacts I’ve made I now want to help other people get involved in making a difference, I’ve done it and with my experience and knowledge I believe I can help people avoid the mistakes I’ve made along the way.

I’m looking for people who have experience of mental illness, addiction, learning difficulties, living with physical disabilities, life trauma (miscarriage, loss, bereavement), sexual and physical abuse, either direct experience or family and friends of those effected as these amazing people are far too often overlooked, not just local people but people all over the world.

Yes, this might seem a bit delusional, but I was manic and delusional when I started the blog and that ain’t done to bad.

If you have something to offer and believe me you do get in touch, get involved and make a difference, if a numpty like me can do it anyone can

“enjoy the good and ride out the bad”

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