Positive Experiences

  1. Hi, thank you for taking the time to watch the vlog “Them and us doesn’t work” and for taking the time to let me know your positive experiences.

I have built quite a network of people who can actually make changes and decisions and YOUR experiences will make a difference!!!!

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“Them and us doesn’t work” and will NEVER work!!!!

all of us 2day2gether for a better 2morrow

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One thought on “Positive Experiences”

  1. I first went into Bushey fields in August 1994.it was the beginning of one of the most harrowing periods of my life .I had developed a drug exacerbated psychosis which was giving me phobic and hostile feelings towards women.this persisted for about three years.in that time my treatment was managed chiefly by a group of psychiatric nurses (virtually all women )
    Who didn’t make the slightest error at any time regarding said treatment. In spite of my attitude towards women at the Time I would draw a modicum of peace and sanity simply by these great people proving to me that my ideas about the opposite sex were unfounded. I was never abused or neglected by any of the staff and I consequently became quite attached to some of them.I don’t see them anymore but I would just like to say that their professionalism and honour made a landmark improvement to my character development. I will always be in their debt and I will remember them always.

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