the good the bad and the very ugly….

How many times have you heard these words recently….

”I’ve stopped watching the news it’s nothing but bad news….”

I have heard and said these words many times of late!!!!

The thing is….


The world is seemingly on an unstoppable runaway train….
Hurtling towards  ARMAGEDDON!!!!


If you have a wonder about a bit and look at what is all around us….

You will see just how beautiful AND good the world we live in is….

Keep this in your mind (go back to the very basics)….

When all the bad things in the world overwhelm you GOOD will always be stronger and more important than BAD and the VERY UGLY….


I think that should evidence my musings sufficiently….

So, what am I rambling on about?

Good question! ”Gosh what did you have for breakfast, a big glass of good question juice?” (Strange sentence…. do you know what/who I’m quoting there?)

Have you got a Social Care & Health story to tell?
(I refuse to call it ‘Health & Social Care’ because if we can get Social Care right then the pressure on Health will reduce hugely…. FACT!!!!)

I especially want ‘GOOD’ stories, as I KNOW there are countless numbers of these out there, but we don’t hear them. I have my own theory on why this is the case, that Social Care & Health don’t blow their own trumpet….

So let us blow their trumpet for them….

Having said all that….

I also want your ‘BAD’ and ‘VERY UGLY’ stories about Social Care & Health….

email your story (GOOD, BAD OR VERY UGLY) to….

I will then put it on my website for the whole world to see….

I will publish it exactly how you have written it, no editing whatsoever….

SUPGAP – (Service Users & Providers Getting Actual Progress)