Hi, I’m often being asked to send links to my “stuff” and perhaps more often than I should I send people links they haven’t asked for. As I’m not known for my organisational admin skills I have different links stored all over the shop so I thought I’d give this page ago….

lets start with how it all started a page called “About Me”

a page called “I Likes It” which I am extremely proud of, there’s various stuff on this page, feedback etc. For me it proves my legitimacy as a person who can actually make a difference in people’s lives (tuff to say but true) and reminds me when I’m struggling and wanna just give up that I have made a difference in people’s live and that keeps me going.

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My Paypal account should you wish to donate to help me to help others. I don’t like asking for money but everything I’ve done since 2013 has been at my own expense I get no financial support whatsoever.

I’m very proud to be working with Sean Russell Police Superintendent and Director of Implementation at West Midlands Combined Authority Mental Health Commission last year they published a plan of action document called Thrive definitely worth a read.

The book/memoir/thingymajig 

The motto….


I hope you’ve found this page and the links interesting and helpful, if you have please share with friends, family and colleagues etc….

Keep going 😉

Jon aka exboozehound