Yo, hope you’re well?

I’m not sure if these are “memes” or not so I’m calling them “thingymajigs” , one of my favourite words, (and much underused) I actually used it in the title of my book, (😂😂) (available on Amazon with a 4.7 star rating, basically a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating) cus I just wasn’t comfortable with book or memoir…. Yup, I know that’s a bit weird but don’t forget I’m a loon bag 😜😜….




if you look closely at the one above y’ll see a actually stole this on off a guy called Tony Lavell

The one above is sorta mine’is…. I created it after a meeting with Matt Bowsher at Dudley Adult Social Care he said this towards the end of the meeting and it stuck in my noggin cus he totally and utterly hit the nail on the head with these words, we can make positive changes quicker I’d we get involved with the organisations we’re happy to criticise, but very few of us actually try and change what we moan about….


Offa the World Wide Web

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