Booze Talk

If you have read any of my blog, know me personally or simply have seen the name of this blog you will know I am an alcoholic, I have no shame in being so (I have plenty of shame about my drinking days but they are in the past and I have made my apologies). I am an alcoholic that no longer drinks and has not had a drink for over 10 years.

I believe I have a lot to give in helping you understand your booze issues or the issues of family and friends. I have decided to look into how I can go about getting my experience and understanding to you.

I have no paperwork to make me a professional in this field but I have approximately 16 years drinking experience and 11 years of sobriety.

Currently I don’t know how I am going to work this venture, I don’t even know if anyone will be interested in my thoughts and experiences but I want to find out, so if you have any interest at all in this please email me on or leave a comment on the blog, all comments have to be approved by me so nothing will go public unless you advise you want it to.

If there is anyone out there that I have helped to understand alcoholism a little bit please comment (anon if you want) to let people know I do know what I am talking about and I do have something to offer.

I look forward to hearing from you….

Keep smiling 🙂

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