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G’day all, hope you are well?

It is time for me to ask for lots of guest posts, so many of you have contacted me behind the scenes with stuff that people need to hear.

I’m 100% happy for YOUR posts to be anonymous but I need your help!

Q. Why am I asking for guest posts?
A. I need to step back for a short while…

I’m always banging on about honesty….. now I have sort of achieved a couple of things the honest truth is I’m exhausted…. Sounds a bit pathetic but dealing with a couple of NHS complaint meetings and many many letters and emails backwards and forward along with meeting the local MP has took it’s toll on me I am getting over tired and over manic and that ain’t any fun!!
(Initially I find mania quite enjoyable but it always ends badly!!).

Having to do this pisses me off because everything seems to be gathering pace, but there’s no point gathering pace and ending up proper f**ked up again!! So I need your help to keep the pace going, I need your guest posts, I need you to get Tweeting, Posting, Sharing and keeping exboozehound alive and growing….. I hope you will find the strength and kindness to help me out. I am blown away by the amount of people that have contacted me in private with stuff. If I have helped any of you even in a small way I am asking for a bit of help back. If you can’t it’s not a problem at all, I understand completely!!!!

I received an email today with a guest post and it’s titled “Tribute to Jon”…… I haven’t read it yet and this isn’t the reason I am doing this. I decided this earlier whilst walking back from having my new tattoo 🙂 (sorry Mom x). People have said “they are in awe” words like “inspirational” are being sent to me “proud” “courage” “strength” I keep looking over my shoulder to see if they are talking about someone else, but unbelievably they aren’t they are saying these things about me……

Truth is all this good stuff that appears to be inside me is inside every one of you…. If you have Mental Health issues or you are an Alcoholic (active, non-active, in denial or with it all hanging out) you have to do something about it now and the first thing you have to do is talk about it….

If people judge you…. Fuck’em
If people doubt you…. Fuck’em
If people laugh and point at you…. Fuck’em
If people talk about you…. Fuck’em
If you experience Stigma…. Fuckit
If you experience discrimination…. Fuckit
If you lose your job…. Fuckit
If you lose your house…. Fuckit
If you have to get the bus or walk in the rain…. Fuckit

I think you have the message by now…..

The point is all that shit above is nothing in comparison to ending up dead. If I still drank I would be dead, if I hadn’t finally started addressing my mental illness properly and honestly I would be dead. I know people or knew people that are dead because of mental illness and/or alcoholism. I know there are others of you out there that do as well because a number of you have told me so. So you can do something about it as well, tell the story from your side, be honest how does our alcoholism and mental illness effect you? I have spoken with people who feel better when they understand from an ill persons point of view and I have learnt a lot from hearing our victims point of view……. Have a little think about that for a second or two!!!!!! Lightbulb?

I’ll still be about and those of you that have already been in touch with me will already know if you are doing my noggin in I will tell you, politely, but I will tell you!! The fact is it’s not you doing my noggin in it’s my noggin doing my noggin in because some fuckwit wired it up wrong!!!

Q. What’s the tattoo?
A. “enjoy the good and ride out the bad”

(Google those words, it comes at the top of a google search and that’s because of you guys)


You know where I am: –
Or any other form of contact you have already had with me.

It’s over to you now guys, the future of “exboozehound” is in your hands….. For a short while anyway, please look after it!

I’m off to concentrate on some other really really important stuff, but I will be back!!

Keep smiling 🙂

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