As the title suggests I’m overwhelmed by some of the feed back I’ve had from my guest post on Mensdepression.org (click here to read the post) there has been a few comments on the site and I had a number of messages sent directly, which I wanted to share…. I asked permission to share these words and I’ve made sure there are no names or specific personal details…

from K – Blimey Jon…just read your blog. I didn’t have a clue… I still remember the good old school crush I had on you back in the day..lol.

from C – Ok I read it and blubbed. As always you wrote it as it is. Depression, alcoholism, it’s hardly exciting stuff but it’s compulsive reading all the same. People are noticing you and wanting to publicise your words – that’s seriously impressive!! Your honesty jumps off the text and smacks your reader in the gob – keep going big guy. I have no idea what state your self esteem is in right now – it should be high. If not I bloody hope it’s climbing! You re doing it. May not be bound and sitting on waterstones shelves but I see it coming!!!! You re inspiring me! My book is seriously lightweight, a holiday read but if I can make a buck then I’ll be happy. It’s another handbag! Keep going big guy xxThe Lego Batman Movie (2017)

from A – Two words for your guest post at men’s depression.org (And keep in mind I am usually very lady like, lol!!!) But… Fucking Brilliant!!!! You nailed it Jon! Well done, so proud of you xo

from T – Hi Jon, Firstly can I just say glad to see your doing well and everytime I read something you write I either think spot on or have a chuckle it’s fab mate you have a real skill and love your honesty A lot of what you say rings true and it’s amazing as I worked with you and would never have guessed but we all paint a picture and put walls up from an early age I always felt a bit different tbf due to family issues then got to an age where you think your a man you can cope but when you struggle to be a good mate feel yourself drifting on the edge of a social group or just happy to spend weeks in the house I also was never happy in a relationship and maybe cus wasn’t happy in myself never turned to drink as I’m a lightweight lol but have had very bad thoughts on a few occasions and think maybe didn’t go through with it as was maybe a bit chicken but also have some very highs when I think I’m just being silly pull urself together but hearing you talk makes me connect and I’m sure other peeps will relate you were a pleasure to meet and work with and your a funny guy so genuine so keep going don’t stop and hope you don’t mind rabbling lol some peeps actually find real comfort in ur words

Wow, there isn’t a lot I can say to follow those words apart from Thank you and I am overwhelmed!!!

It has been said to me many times “I cant believe you have depression!” and “You don’t look depressed”, I guess I come across as upbeat and positive and all that….. For the most part I am more upbeat and positive than I have EVER been, but I still know I am ill inside and I am still in pain daily…..Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Mental Illness and Alcoholism have brought me everything bad in my life, they have also brought me a lot of thing’s good in my life…..

Although I am on the path of recovery they are still putting me into situations I don’t want to be in and still taking stuff away from me!!!

Keep smiling ?

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4 thoughts on “Overwhelmed”

  1. Jon, I understand why you are overwhelmed…..I am overwhelmed for you! When people say it is ‘good to talk’, this is a great example of the good it does. You have shared your heart and in turn your story has touched hearts!

    1. Hi Judy, I hope you got my DM on Twitter? Thank you!! The thing about talking is there is talking and talking, I talked about my issues for years but only scratched the surface! I hope I have touched hearts, I hope I have helped, I hope I can continue to do both!! You mentioned the NHS in you question and answer with http://www.mensdepression.org, have a look at my post “you need therapy the queue is 2 months” Nothing has changed!! Can I post a link to you question and answer on my blog? Look forward to getting to know you better. Keep smiling 🙂

  2. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I read your post @mensdepression Jon and have left a comment there as well.

    I’m really glad you shared some of the quotes (feedback) you have received about this. I think it’s right when we get such nice feedback and such good experiences we share it! Feedback like that should be promoted and shared just like you are doing.

    Reading your post on Mensdepression, it’s clear (to me) how far you have come. I know it probably doesn’t feel that way for you sometimes (when you are riding out the bad!), but the progress you’ve made is clear for others to see.

    So, enjoy this good moment. If you keep it up, it will be one of many more good moments you will have I am sure 🙂


    1. Cheers dude, I do know I have come a long way I also know there is a long way to go because it is all so painful on a regular basis. But I know I can handle it, I know I can ride it our and I know I will enjoy the good!! Peace out. Keep smiling 🙂

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