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This is a very quick post, I had an inspirational moment this morning and this moment was on Twitter. I think there are lots of things to say about this but I want to keep it simple so: –

Talk about your feelings, be honest, in this day and age you can never be alone, there are some awesome people out there and Just do it 🙂

The reason I ended with “just do it” is because I asked @Billyidol to RT a link to my blog (if you don’t ask you don’t get!!) and from that RT this person got in touch :). To protect her identity I am simply going to call her “Awesome Lady” = AL

AL – Btw, how are you going Jon?

ME – If I’m honest I’ve been better :(, how’s u?

AL – Ah, that’s no good. I’m well, thank u for asking. Try and run with the gratitude idea. That’s what worked for me. x

ME – Gratitude idea? Is that being grateful for what we have x

AL – When I was depressed I always thought the opposite of depressed was happy. Then     one day, light bulb moment, The opposite of depressed is actually gratitude. That idea         literally turned my life around. I stopped hunting down this “happiness” I was     searching for & began looking for things to be grateful for. At first when u r very depressed it is hard. So u just start with “I made it through today” then ” I woke up today” really basic stuff… One day when u get to my stage which u will!!! u will start looking at the night sky and and sunsets & all sorts of things & think “Wow that is f**king brilliant. I’m so glad to be alive to see this. Good luck x

ME – Thank you so much, that is so inspiring!!! can I use yr words on my blog? x

AL – Of course you may!

ME – well from a Black Country lad (dont know if u know what that is) in local dialect “yam bostin yow am” x

Doesn’t that just sum it up? Fantastic! Thank you Awesome Lady x

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12 thoughts on “Inspirational Words”

  1. That’s ace mate. Like that. Thanks for sharing. I hope you didn’t scare her off by breaking out the Black Country dialect. Might be a case you should have built up the relationship more before pulling that one out the hat, ha-ha, JUST KIDDING, i thought it was funny! But more importantly, nice posting, keep smiling! Alex

    1. 🙂 I think she will be ok, she knew where the Black Country was but did ask for a translation (if you are reading Awesome Lady again “You are fantastic you are”). I had to post it as it was so inspirational, I love to hear of ways that people cope with things and if we share them other people can give them a go. I get exactly what she means as well, the experts are always saying “a day at a time” and “step by step” and when they say it you find yourself thinking “Oh shut up” but it is right if you can relax (easier said than done!) and look at small acheivements everything can build from there, yes you might have set backs but you have done it so many times before you can definitely do it again!! Keep smiling 🙂 (Peace out)

  2. AL has indeed read this & she is very flattered by her new nickname, very happy to pass on what has worked for her & not the least offended by a little Black Country talk, lol!
    Best of luck to all who may read this blog – it’s a journey x

    1. Awesome Lady I enjoyed reading your post to Jon and have followed his blog. You are indeed aweome by shedding some light on how you handled the issue of depression and such. As far as we know we only have this life so better enjoy it, such a hard thing to do when we are battling our demons. I try and try to tell myself and everyone around me I am happy and I am positive only knowing how I truly feel. I like your answer on gratitude and love and yes looking at the sunset and just being able to experience life each and every day should be enough to make us happy. I am getting there slowly and I will, like Jon says keep on smiling. Take Care Awesome Lady and I hope to hear more from you. Xx

      1. The only bit I’m gunna comment on is “I try and try to tell myself……” For me this is where you are going wrong…. Your wasting energy on trying…. Xx

  3. Jon:
    Wow an awesome post and yes you never get anything in life if you don’t ask. Just let me say “Awesome Lady” is awesome indeed. Who would have known she suffers just like we do, I never would have guessed it. Is sums up the issue that we all have ghosts in our past that may have led to our depression and or addiction, some people never show signs of it however, they just keep going on with their daily routine and die, that is not living it is only exisitng. My late father was like that, I know he sufffered from depression, he had to,,my mom left him after 25 years of marriage as she wanted to explore the party world. My father never dated anyone or remarried but when you would talk to him he never mentioned a word, but I could see it in his eyes always. Some people are good at hiding it and it destroys them iside, I have to talk and write about it or I will go bloody mad…I always say writing is my own personal therapist and thank God I found your blog I have never found anything like it anywhere on the net and believe me I have searched for the answer, now I know be grateful for just waking up each and every day, look up at the stars at night and realize just how big the universe is and we are just a minut little speck compared to it. Gratitude is the answer and I am grateful for having life, my daughters, and so far a little glimpse of hope. Thanks again Jon and cheers to Awesome Lady~

    1. AL definitely has her qualities…. Of course I’m understating that!! She comments often how I have helped her, but I hope she also knows she has helped me A LOT!!! AL also has awesome taste in music, we met through a RT by @BillyIdol 😉 . I “existed” for 20 years and when I finally went “dolallytap” people still told me “I don’t look depressed” “you’re not mentally ill” (I still struggle with the words MI, they sound so dramatic!! But that is because we always look at the words mentally ill as negative….. There is a lot of positives to being MI!!! or “mad as a bucket of frogs” depending on your PC’ness stance 🙂 ) I have also recently been told “you don’t look like an alcoholic” and “your not an alcoholic, you drink tea” 🙂 . “Destroys them inside….” If you hide it IT WILL EVENTUALLY DESTROY YOU!!!! There is NO SHAME in being mentally ill…. Shout it loud, shout it proud, shout I’m bonkers, oh bollox I can’t make it rhyme 🙁 . “And thank (insert G word) I found your blog….” Flippin heck that is praise indeed I hope that is true!!! I still find “gratitude” hard at times, but I am grateful for so many things, and oddly I am grateful I am bonkers, it makes me who I am and these days I like me… I have a feeling you will be guest blogging on here soon? Keep smiling 🙂 x

  4. Wow, how inspiring to come back to this post and see the discussion that it has sparked! (My life has been a little “different” of late, hence me not joining in when the discussion was active. I wish I had seen this earlier – I do hope Kemberley checks back in.) Anyway, here it goes:
    Kemberley, you sound like you are well on the path to gratitude. I noticed that you mention your daughters – there’s your head start right there! Parenthood was the final jewel in my crown to “happiness” or “good mental health” or whatever one chooses to label it.
    Although I was already on the gratitude/happiness path beforehand, I still clearly remember holding my freshly born first child in my arms. My thought as I looked at him was “I brought you into this world – very much on purpose . You did not ask to be born. Therefore I no longer have the RIGHT to slip back into depression.”
    My line of thinking was that I gave up my “right” to that negative behaviour the day I saw two lines on a pregnancy test.
    Some people use parenthood as a good line in the sand to give up destructive habits, such as smoking, so that their children do not suffer the ill effects (including mimicking their behaviour in later years.)
    The destructive habit I kicked out was depression. Well, truth be told I had already kicked depression & anxiety out on their sorry arses but parenthood was like deadbolting the door, lol!
    So Kemberley, you can also use the fact that you, as a beautiful woman of beautiful daughters, can use parenthood as an inspiration to help you through the hard times.
    I also second everything Jon said in regards to “get it out or it will destroy you”. Feel your feelings. And know that it is perfectly fine to be “not OK” sometimes.
    All the best x

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