Life n Death

That ain’t really the title I wanted to use but even though I’m not exactly subtle at times I thought a title saying “Suicide” was unsubtleness at it’s most unsubtle….

I have tried to avoid the Robin Williams subject this week, all the speculation about “why” he killed himself….

Apparently he took his own life because….

His ex wives have took him for 20 million
He has Parkinson’s disease
His film career ain’t what it used to be
He didn’t want to take the TV roles

And I’m guessing there have been loads of other reasons as well…. Blah blah blah….

Well…. I know why he killed himself and that’s because he knew who shot JFK and the pressure got to him…. Oh and also cus he was skint he figured if he killed himself all the reruns of his films would bring a nice income in for his family…..

Hold up, that sounds like utter made up bullshit doesn’t it, have I gone mad, am I delusional, are the voices telling me the truth, is Robin speaking to me himself???? NOPE!!!!

The reasons I have given are utter made up bullshit…. And I should be ashamed of myself for making stuff like that up, shouldn’t I? Probably, but here’s the thing…..

20 million, Parkinson’s, career, TV roles are also utter made up bullshit, it’s all purely speculation. In theory if he’s left a “suicide note” surely that will tell us the reasons why he did it? For me if there is a note anything in it is still just made up reasons, cus any note written by someone who is just about to kill themselves is bullshit as well. If you are just about to kill yourself I would to suggest you’re probably not in the most rational frame of mind….

I’m not writing this crap to upset anyone, I’m gunna try and explain what the fuck I’m on about from my own personal point of view…. If I ever read this back, which is very unlikely cus I talk so much bollox, I will more than likely disagree with what I have written and what I am about to write. My disagreement will come from simply the fact that I always try to be as honest as I possibly can, and cus I’m a “mentalist” my feelings and thoughts can change in a click of your fingers (or my fingers, anyone’s finger really, doesn’t even have to be fingers clicking it could be a tap on a desk or perhaps a whistle, who knows but I don’t think that detail is really that important….).

I have said for quite a few months now that I don’t think about suicide anymore, this in fact is bollocks…. I reckon on average I will think about suicide every couple of days, maybe twice a day. It doesn’t really matter how often I think about suicide, cus thinking about suicide is just that they are thoughts, they are involuntary thoughts, they are thoughts I’ve had on a regular basis since my late teens, they are flippant reactionary thoughts. When I was perhaps early 20’s I tried to take an overdose, obviously I failed (can’t do anything right can I??). I still don’t know to this day if that was an actual suicide attempt or a cry for help, if I had to give a definitive answer I would say it was a cry for help, with the added bonus that if no one had found me the pain would be over.

At some point this year, I was lying in bed trying to get through a bad time, trying to ride it out, when all of a sudden I got out of bed and got dressed solely for the purpose of going down to the local town centre and kill myself by jumping off the top of Asda car park. (other supermarkets available….)

A few months ago I drove myself to A&E because I was scared of my thoughts and feelings. I had a gut feeling that I was gunna lose control and harm myself, maybe harm someone else, maybe kill myself, I really don’t know…. I spent 4+ hours in A&E, whilst they appeared to be prioritising people with nose bleeds…. The full story is on here somewhere but it’s safe to say it didn’t end well, it ended with me being what I can only describe as a completely fucked up Nutjob ranting and raving at anyone I could….

Thoughts of suicide will probably haunt me for the rest of my life, but actually killing myself and ending it all couldn’t be further from my mind…. Hold up that sentence starts with something that is completely the opposite to what it ended with….

Is anyone of this making any sense? I fucking hope not!!!! Life and death doesn’t make any sense, what’s it all about? What’s the point in succeeding in life if all your gunna do at the end is die? Why play noughts and crosses when there’s only 3 possible outcomes? Why do anything? What’s the point? I for one ain’t even gunna bother trying to answer these questions…. What’s the point?

My planned day out to Asda, is the one, there was something different about that day, I was almost excited at the prospect of it all being over, part of me hoped it would make a point about the shite NHS system that had forced me to end it all and cus I’d had a few new tattoos even if I landed on my face my body would be easily identifiable….

What’s the point of all this bollocks? I have have no idea!!!!

Oh yes….
There doesn’t have to be a reason why someone kills themselves.
There may be many reasons why someone kills themselves.
But all the speculation doesn’t change a thing, unfortunately “it is what it is”.

There will always be people who believe the only answer to the pain they are enduring is to put a final end to it, there will always be people that succeed and find freedom from the unexplainable agony that is in there lives….

But the fact is….


Another fact is….


I’m gunna read through the above now before I publish on the blog and put links on Twitter n Facebook, I may change a few little things but I won’t change anything dramatic, so chances are it won’t make any sense whatsoever, so the next bit ain’t really gunna help….

Have you ever had that thing when the last song you heard in your car on the way to work is stuck in your head aaaaaallllllllllll fucking day? In the morning you are annoying everyone around you by constantly humming, singing, whistling the tune, by the afternoon you are not only annoying the people around you but you are now pissing yourself write off?!?!?!?! Course you have everyone has!!!! Will anyone ever be able to explain this? Possibly, maybe not…. Who gives a shit it’s an insignificant thing, it’s just an involuntary action that happens from time to time.

Why when we bump into something do we automatically say “ow” even if it didn’t even hurt? Again, Who gives a shit it’s an insignificant thing, it’s just an involuntary action that happens from time to time.

For me that’s what mental illness is like, that’s what suicidal thoughts are like. It/they just are, they are just part of my every day life.

The thoughts and feelings my mental illness makes me have are involuntary things that happen from time to time.

The suicidal thoughts are involuntary things that happen from time to time.

There’s no reason why, there may be many reasons why but at the end of the day the only real reason that can explain these things is something completely and utterly unexplainable and that’s simply…. Mental illness

Keep going 😉

Jon aka exboozehound

Oh and don’t forget my Thingymajig (memoir/book)

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