Words are powerful to me

I would never class myself as a wordsmith, in fact if I ever use a word of a certain intelligence level I have to pause to see if people react differently to expected in case I have used the wrong word. I have insulted a lot of people when I have been trying to sound intelligent.

However words are powerful, for a while now I have been in sales, of different sorts, and I believe a single word can make the difference to getting a sale/appointment or not. I don’t think this needs explanation on here, but I can’t help saying that I had a cold call today from an investment company and the person on the other end of the phone wouldn’t know a positive telephone approach if it smacked them in the face!!!!

So the point of this post, I posted this on Face Book today: –

live in the moment


I honestly believe these motto’s have kept me going and ultimately kept me alive, I think I came up with “Enjoy the good and ride out the bad” I don’t remember reading it elsewhere so I am going to make a claim to it, I know the other 2 motto’s are from elsewhere but they work for me. I seem to remember commenting recently something along the lines of “recovery from alcoholism and mental health is as complicated as you make it” I definitely remember not agreeing with myself immediately, but there is something in it: –

“It is what it is” for me I cant change the fact I have a bad day then 2 good days then perhaps 3 up and down days, but since I decided to just accept these days change for many reason and I will never answer the specific reason, perhaps because there isn’t one. So “It is what it is”.

“Enjoy the good and ride out the bad” for me this is just about going with it, sometimes I would find myself feeling guilty for having a good day or a good couple of hours so it would make ill again. I know I am going to have times when I am bouncing off the walls or doing manic ridiculously out of order, scary stuff (FJ&SJ, that’s a private thought but I wanted to mark it in black and white) so I just have to deal with those how ever I can. And now when the good things happen I enjoy them and don’t feel guilty about it (Guilt is a waste of time and energy!!!!). (as and aside if you Google “Enjoy the good and ride out the bad” this blog shows up on the first page :)).

“Live in the moment” we all know what this means, life can be complicated for many reasons but if we don’t concentrate on the now and enjoy what we can what is the point? I have heard this phrase a thousand times but it was said to me last night and it finally made sense!!!!!

“Words are powerful to me” because they work as a “trigger” in reverse, I know what these words mean and I know what I have to do (sometimes I cant do what I have to do but “It is what it is”), Maybe they are just a distraction technique, perhaps they are a placebo effect, perhaps this time next week these motto’s will no longer help, but today they do and that’s all that really matters.

*Disclaimer – I am a hypocrite because I have things in my mind that I want to happen, but if I spend all my time trying to make them happen exactly the way I want I’m not going to have time to enjoy what is happening and whatever has happened before I can’t change. The things that I want to happen are very new things for me so i’m gunna enjoy then as much as I possibly can and gather together as many “Gem” moments as possible :).

I know there were other points I wanted to make in this post but I cant remember them at the moment……

I had a very proud moment the other day by promoting this blog on Twitter as much as I could my Followers increased massively and I got an awful lot of RT’s and Favourites. One of my favourites was a fantastic description of me and my blog: –

junction project

In a Twitter conversation with @unsuicide I suggested a campaign called “Time to Type” and it was suggested I setup a Hashtag, this I had to Google and I have now setup #timetotype. Talking is important but how often do we talk today, we type a lot more! So if you get chance please use #timetotype.

And for now… last but definitely not least thank you to all that have followed, replied, RT’d, Favourited etc over the last couple of days, please keep doing it. If you like what I say/type please let me know and if you disagree let me know as well!!

Keep Smiling 🙂



6 thoughts on “Words are powerful to me”

  1. What I take from this posting is something along the lines of

    “we attach different meanings to things” or
    “we are inspired by different things”

    Kind of like we all have certain “buttons”. There are certain sayings, certain quotes, certain words, certain music, certain films, certain books, certain people that make us a have a “light bulb” moment?

    I might be going off track… will give you an example.

    Each day I see what feels like hundreds of pictures on Twitter about motivational quotes or mini speeches, or terms or images that are supposed to “fire us up” in someway or get us thinking. Get us to see things differently, change our perspective, or simply give us a kick up the back-side!

    I see lots of these postings that mean absolutely nothing to me, but I still respect they might “mean something” for someone else.

    I was at it on twitter this morning. I posted a picture I found on Amy’s forum (someone I follow), she has a great anxiety blog. I posted this quote on Twitter, it was a picture on her forum and I credited her on my time-line for it. It means a lot to me, the way those words are written. It had that “light bulb” moment for me, but other people would read it, and it would go in one in ear and out the other, and that’s absolutely fine!

    I also posted clips of a film that has me emotional and in tears each time (3 times) I have watched it. It’s a Hollywood action film in some regards, about a group of men being gradually wiped out by a pack of wolves. But, it has a deep meaning to me. It “does something”. I know it’s acting, and it’s not even based on a true story. I know what’s coming, but I still cry. And I am actually happy to cry about it. It doesn’t depress me, or make me sad. Just emotional.

    So… we find our own meanings in things. We try to share them sometimes and see if other people are inspired by what inspires us. It’s great if they are, but okay if they are not.

    Peace Out 🙂


    1. G’day Alex, hope you are good. I can’t take all this in at the moment but I will come back to it. What quote did you post and what’s Amy’s address so I can follow as well? I will look at this again but my head is a little full with a new post I am just about to do… Peace out… Keep smiling 🙂

      1. No problemo amigo

        The quote & picture I posted from Amy’s blog. Go to my profile under pictures & video’s section. It’s the 3rd one. The one sandwiched between all the Liam Neeson ones LOL

        She is at @reliefofanxiety .Her blog is beautiful and very well presented (Don’t start comparing, yours is great mate as well!!!!). She keeps it relatively simple and she really does speak from experience (like you do). I think you and her will have stuff in common with your outlook on overcoming m/h problems. Her tone is very positive, cheery & productive despite her difficulties. It’s a different kind of blog to yours which is perhaps why I am drawn to it. I like a nice mix. Please don’t take anything the wrong way. Her blog is not better than yours, just different. I am sure you don’t take it that way, but I like to remember I am typing as I am thinking and someone (you) has to read this and interpret it!

        I’m probably just typing too much full stop K.I.S.S Alex !!!!!


        1. Jon disregard some of those last comments, I mean still post it up, but as soon I submitted that, I thought I rattled on too much about comparing your two blogs. I know you don’t give a sh*t about that and would not be offended with anything I say about anyone’s blog anyway in relation to your blog, bla bla


          1. No worries dude, it is very very hard to offend me, trust me 🙂 . I don’t think you rattled and I will come back to it. I would like to check the other blog out :). Peace out… Keep smiling 🙂

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