Life…. It’s a bit weird at times….Movie Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

It was my 41st birthday a few days ago, and through all the shite of mental illness oddly I had the best birthday I have ever had, yes there were noggin buzzing moments but, and I hate to say it (I don’t really) if you “enjoy the good and ride out the bad” all will be cool 🙂

On the Saturday I met up with the lads, we were going out at half 7, fairly civilised, then I got a text from P saying L was picking him up at 18:15 and they were going for a few “cokes”…. The first thought that went through my head was “K we are 41 now not 17, lol, this is going to get messy!” And it did, but messy in a good way!!!Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

At one point we were standing around a table, and L announced “we haven’t grown up at all in 25 years….” He was completely and utterly right, we haven’t, not one bit. It was around this time my face started to hurt from laughing and it continued to get more painful. I would love to be able to say the conversation was intelligent and thought provoking but if I did say that I would by talking out my posterior.

At other points of the evening my noggin was all over the shop, but I just went outside and had a fag or at one point I found a paper and sat down on a table by myself and read it a bit. A couple of the lads noticed I was being a bit odd and said come on Mans get here, but once they had said it once they knew I need a bit of space. Then BG said “your a photographer come and take some photos” quite a compliment in a way but I hadn’t got my camera with me and most of the lads had decent phones and you don’t need to be a photographer to take a snap with a phone. I however had only got a crappy old temporary phone cus my iPhone is…. Erm…. Not working at the moment.

Throughout the evening I had a couple of fairly grown up conversations, very short grown up conversations…. The one on politics ended with me saying “let’s face it all policitians are c*n*s, end of conversation, no point in discussing it further cus I’m right…. Come on H next boozer”. We also had a conversation about teachers but I avoided that one cus W has very strong views on teachers…. I also remember a conversation about Health & Safety, sounds grown up doesn’t it, not entirely….

We ended up in a club I guess, it had got flashing lights n stuff so yeah must of been a club? I paid £5 to get in and had to leave after about 45 minutes cus my noggin had gone. During that 45 minutes I had a heart to heart with LG, very emotional at times but also very funny and childish 🙂 .

I left just saying I was going to the other soba one and went to retrieve my car from what was basically a private car park…. It took me a while to find my car, lol, and I drove on my merry way, with my noggin buzzing in a bad way and a huge smile on my face.

My birthday was the best I have ever had for other reasons as well, other reasons that need to remain private all I will say is it involved two amazing people a birthday card and a dog 🙂 .

Right, is there a point to this post? Hold up is there a point to any of my posts? On the face of it most of the time there isn’t a point but if you think a bit you will find a point, I promise 😉 .

Keep Going 😉


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9 thoughts on “Life”

  1. Love reading your blog! I never know what is coming and that makes it interesting. I also like that it has a reason for it and in an honest and practical way, is informative and helpful.

    1. Xx I never plan what I’m gunna say. Just felt like writing something this morning ;). Hopefully I’m gunna be on again I emailed something over to Ryan at the weekend 🙂

      You made me proper LOL earlier!!

      Keep going 🙂

  2. Jon:
    First of all Happy Birthday and I wanted to say how happy it was for you. Your message was loud and clear to me, correct me if I am wrong. You had the best birthday ever because you were SOBA lol and you even went to a club and did not give in to temptation. Instead of going to the other club you went home…..Keep on Keeping on….

    1. Hiya, thank you, another year older, another year wiser (lol).
      Definitely one of the reasons, being SOBA or clean is the way to roll.
      I like the fact you spelt SOBA the correct way as well 🙂
      I’ll keep on keeping on, make sure you keep on keeping on as well x
      Keep going 😉

  3. That was a great post – I had a great big smile on my face the whole way through! The way you wrote I felt as if I were there too.
    Happy Birthday Bro xxxx

    1. G’day AL, thank you, I’m glad you were smiling 🙂
      I guess it could be said my writing style is different?? But then I’m different, we are ALL different.
      Cheers Sis xx
      Keep going 😉

  4. Sorry I missed your birthday but belated wishes, and love the track you posted “Soldier at war” you Jon are an inspiration

    Have a great day buddy and talk soon

    1. G’day dude, thank you for the birthday wishes 😉
      I still find it odd when people use “inspiration” as a word to describe me, but I have to say it fills me with so much pride 🙂
      Defo speak soon!!
      Keep going 😉

  5. My birthday was the best I have ever had for other reasons as well, other reasons that need to remain private all I will say is it involved two amazing people a birthday card and a dog 🙂 .

    haha…. the mind boggles!!!! 😀

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